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Mojo Outdoor Active

UV400 Sports Sunglasses for Runners, Cyclists and All Out Door Activities

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The most vital organ that we fail to protect from the adverse effect of the sun in the eyes. ... However, wearing sunglasses while out can prevent skin cancer, risk of cataracts, and macular degeneration from occurring. The UV400 sunglasses offer this protection. 
  • Prevents damage to the eyes.  By blocking out sun rays, you can run outside for longer. Now you can absorb some Vitamin D and catch a tan without worrying about damaging your eyes.
  • No more squinting! I know, squinting for the entire length of a run become frustrating. Well, sunglasses prevent squinting, and in that sense, they avoid wrinkles around the eye too.
  • Protects your eyes from dust and flying insects.  Windy days can blow debris in the air. Not to mention rocks that shoot up from passing cars, bugs on hot summer days, and sand from the beach. Well, with a pair of running sunglasses you receive protection 100% of the time.
  • They are stylish too! Pick out a pair of running glasses that complement your style. Plus, the more you look like a long-distance runner, the more you will run like one.
  • Wear them outside of running. When you buy running sunglasses, you can wear them anytime. Use them while driving, on the beach, a day at the park…you name it!

Simply put, running sunglasses are beneficial for your life. And if you are serious about running, you should seriously consider wearing a pair.

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