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Mojo Outdoor Active

Adjustable Sandbag Kettlebell

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Adjustable Kettlebell for your home gym.  it acts differently. It incorporates Unstable / Shifting Load to a traditional implement and movement. therefore, it is harder. The shifting load forces you to incorporate more stabilizers during the movement to control the weight making it a more challenging workout.


  • The inner bag of the kettlebell is adjustable. The weight can easily be adjusted to your preference. Sand is not included in the shipping.
  • Our heavy-duty Kettlebell sandbags are built to last.
  • Each Sandbag comes with a built-in filler bag with an additional zipper and hook-and-loop closure to ensure filler material stays contained while using it.
  • The ability to empty and re-fill sandbags makes them uniquely portable training tools for athletes of any level.

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