Welcome to Project 75.

Robert embarked on his own personal journey, 
to run 1000km of Trail and Ultra Races in 1 year, starting the day he turned 75.

Calling his goal Project 75, Robert says the purpose is to publicise to others the need to keep exercising to maintain health and fitness in later life, even as a 75-year-old runner as he is. Robert says, "while running 1000 km will be a serious challenge, I’ve been training for a goal such as this for a long time. I’ve been running for decades, it’s my passion."

Back in the 1980s and 90s Robert ran a number of Ultramarathons, but then life got in the way.

"I was only running shorter events, however my love of the ultra - distance never entirely went away and though I was working on oil and gas projects around Australia, I managed to squeeze in a couple of 50k races and started making plans to have a go at a 200 miler when I retired."
"At the time the only possibilities seemed to be Bigfoot or Tahoe in the States, but then up popped a 200 on the Gold Coast where I'm based... which then further expanded into a 500km event with a 6 day cut off, and I thought now THIS was a challenge too good to miss! As it was the year I turned 75 years old I decided to throw in a few more and make it a nice round 1000km to celebrate."
Thus Project 75 was born. So, between 31st January 2019 and 31st January 2020, Robert will run over 1000km to celebrate turning 75! His previous longest run was a 6 day race with a total of 556km.

Welcome to our little adventure. 


Complete. Total Distance = 1,004.97kms


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