About Mojo Outdoor Active

MoJo Runners was born out of the passion for running by its founders Robert Dickison and Bernice Fitzgibbon.

Over the many years of running for clubs and competing in cross-country and road races, Robert found that the further the distance the closer to the front he became.  While Bernice took to trail running the shorter distances Robert fell in love with ultras and the tougher the race the more addicted he became. This is where the adventure running began.

This brought on new challenges and required specialised gear and equipment.  As with most of us life is very busy, and we were having difficulty finding the time to research, for the right products and then sourcing them. At times it was a hit and miss exercise with rushing around at the last minute trying to find what we needed.

That was when we decided if we were having these problems so where others, so we established Mojo Pacific Pty Ltd and began sourcing the best products, to save others the time and provide a solution.

Now our customers can use this time to enjoy their sport and the adventures.

About Mojo founder Bernice Fitzgibbon.

Why do I run!! I run because it makes me feel so damn good!! As a child I had issues especially academically! I struggled to read and write so was classed as being below average in cognitive ability and was placed in a class, one above children who were intellectually disabled! It certainly didn’t do anything for my confidence nor my already very low self-esteem!! It was in this class, however, that the teacher saw something in me that I was yet unaware of. He saw a runner in the making!! It was his insistence that I enter the school athletics where I got my first boost of self-worth!

Whenever I ran I was in another world full of confidence, power and purpose. I won races and due to my running and athletic ability was elevated into a higher class level the following year!!

Go forward 12 years, I was married with 3 small children and in the middle of what was called a Nervous breakdown!! It was a combination of anxiety and depression! I tried anti-depressants but they only made me feel worse so I had to find another way to cope!! At this stage I was having severe panic attacks one rolling into another to the point where I couldn’t function and my mother had to come and look after my husband and children!! I felt such a failure and the fear of this being my from now on only made the symptoms worse!                                                                             

It was at this time I was given a book by a Dr Claire Weekes and by following her simple instructions found in a very short time I was only having episodes several times a day with long breaks in between! It was during this time I remembered how good I felt when I was running so with this faint memory I dragged my tired body out the door on my first run in nearly 12 or more years!! Now this was not a good experience! The memory was of a runner not someone who hadn’t run in years and within minutes the wheels feel off and I limped home! Not to be deterred I decided I would have to go back to basics and that is exactly what I did!

As I improved, my strength and confidence grew to the point that 2 years later I went back to school to get the qualifications I needed to do my teacher training!! I did acquire the qualifications despite my learning difficulty but instead of going on to training college I did my nursing training instead!! During all this I continued to run every day. It gave me the energy to cope with the hours of study, the family responsibilities and what was best of all I felt good!! My confidence grew and I felt I could do anything wanted to do, there was no stopping me!!

This is what running has done for me and if I could describe what I experience when I am running on a forest track, along a beach in a park or just around the roads it would be a feeling of oneness with all that is, where there are no boundaries, no limits, no fear, just sheer joy!

About Mojo founder Robert Dickison.

I am a runner, I wasn’t always in fact I didn’t start until my late 20s. I started to put on weight and needed to rectify the situation. At first it was the old walk a bit, jog a bit, then one block, then two blocks, then a riverside circuit. By this time I’m feeling fit, doing some lunchtime runs with runners I work with, running in a fun run occasionally and wow I’m a real runner!

Moving on with 2yrs of moderate training, more fun runs of 5km to 14km, a couple of 20mile runs and the buzz word is Marathon, there’s a local one seven months away so start some serious training, stick with it and before I can change my mind I’m shivering on the start line. It was mid-winter and cold but I was probably more nervous than cold so I ran my first Marathon, had to walk a bit but finished in 3:39 feeling like a hero, promptly threw up in a rubbish bin and I was hooked, this was the new me. I ran two more in the next six months in 3:30 and 3:19, got over the rubbish bin thing, and joined a running club. I loved the club scene and the people in the running community. Racing for the club over cross country and on road as well as a number of marathons, I drifted into Ultras from 50 miles to quite long road and trail runs. Needless to say I am still running and racing in my 70s and not ready to give up anytime soon!