Race Report 6: River Run, 75kms

Race Report 6: River Run, 75kms

Race Report: River Run 100, Southbank Brisbane
Distance Run: 75km
Date: 7/8th September 2019

We went to the start of this event without major expectations, as I was still rebuilding after having an aneurysm behind my left knee, which required a bypass operation 8 weeks ago.

This meant that with the limited amount of training I had been able to do I would be running on muscle memory, but I had missed two of my scheduled races so I had to give it a shot to try and get back on track to the 1000km I was aiming for in Project 75.

We arrived at the start late afternoon and I collected my race pack and we were directed to  a tent that had been set up for the solo 100k runners, here we met some of the others who were preparing for the start set up our chairs and nutrition, then found our friend Kris who was also there for the solo 100 and had a chat, as I knew that once the race started she would be gone and I would only see her as we passed on the out and back course.

The start was set for 8;30pm, but was delayed for 15min, as there was an event going on that had created congestion on the paths we would be be using, and this gave time for them to clear. Then at last we were away, both the solo runners and members of the 100k relay teams, with the option of using any combination of the 5k loop or 10k loop you had the flexibility to adapt the course to suit. Prior to the start Kris had told me she would be using the 10k loop so after discussing it with coach Bernice, I decided to focus on the 10k loops until I felt it necessary to make more frequent stops for nutrition or rest.

Through the first loop I was tracking behind a happy soul dressed as Wonder Woman, who was a little fast for me so I drifted back towards the end, only to come across another runner in a tutu with little flashing lights on her shoes, so I guess the moral here is that if you are eccentric enough to go out and run 100k on a Saturday night in the middle of a busy city you may as well dress up and have some fun.

The second loop was going well but as I came to the turn around I started to feel a hot spot under the heal of my left foot so I altered my foot strike to keep pressure of this area and ran the 5k back to base, where I lubricated the area put on new socks and stocked up on some pizza and dried banana and headed out again with Bernice coming along to check out the lights and sights along the riverside paths.

Loop three was just walk run as I felt and loop four was mainly walking as I realised how much fitness I had lost over the 9 weeks of recovery since the hospital visit. I started out on loop 5 on my own as the coach had decided she needed to take a nap, and I was walking this one just to get to 50km before daylight. The decision was then to use the 5k loop and just take smaller bites and keep going as long as I could which worked out well as I could get frequent access to my food and drink and I got to see a lot more of those happy souls and shared a lot more hi fives.

By the time I had made it to 70k I was feeling pain in my left knee so Bernice came with me for a 5k loop to help me through to 75k and though I had time to go further I decided to be cautious and stop at that point to avoid possible injury which could affect my performance at the 6 day in Adelaide in 3weeks. So 75 slow km done and look forward to the next one hopefully feeling more prepared. Enjoyed the course and the people we met along the way but still don’t like running on concrete paths.

Happy Running!



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