Race Report 1: Caboolture Dusk til Dawn, 64.23kms

Race Report 1: Caboolture Dusk til Dawn, 64.23kms

Sat 09/02/2019 to Sun 10/02/2019

Arrived in Caboolture about 3.00pm and set up our gear. All events started together at 6.00pm. I ran a bit quick through 10km in 1hr14 and 20km in 2hr35 then started to have stomach problems so had to do a lot of walking, by 4 hours I had no option but to lay down and sleep until things settled down. So after about 45 minutes I got back into it with 7 hours to go and started working my way around the loop at an approx 11 minute per km pace. By the 10 hour mark I started to improve and with 53km done I started focusing on running at least 10k in the next 2hrs. Well, we slipped through that with 10min to go and ended with 64.232km. 

Not quite the 75km we had hoped for but we were still going at the end and we had some valuable lessons in nutrition.

Caboolture Race 1 Setup

Position: 15th out of 24 in 12hr event.

We then packed up and drove home with only some pain in my right buttock, which seemed to be more nerve than muscular and was most painful when seated making for an uncomfortable trip.

Until next time... 

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