Race Report 4: Darkness to Daylight Challenge, 70kms

Race Report 4: Darkness to Daylight Challenge, 70kms

Race Report: Darkness to Daylight Challenge, South Bank, Brisbane
Distance Run: 70km 
Date: 29th - 30th May 2019

The challenge of this event was to get as close as possible to110km through the night from 6.30pm to 7.00am while raising awareness and funds to help in the prevention of domestic and family violence.

I had the opportunity to participate and though it was only 10days  prior to the Gold Coast 100k I decided to join in firstly to get some extra kms and also to get in more night running in preparation for the 500km event in Nerang forest in September.

As it was a Wednesday night I drove up to Brisbane after work, picked up my race pack and found a friendly team of relay runners who let me leave my gear in the corner of their tent. The most surprising thing I found was that the majority of entries seemed to be large groups from business, Government departments, various schools the Army and Emergency services and not a running club in sight though once we were out on the course there were a few speedsters who showed up which got a little confusing as you didn’t know if they were doing the all night or the relay.

The loop course of 10k was interesting enough with a variety of surfaces, some timber broad walks, areas of sealed road, though the majority was concrete cycle/walkways. From the start it went upriver for about 1.5km then returned to go downriver for around 3.5km before returning to the start and then you did it all over again. The organisation of the event was excellent with the Army running aid stations at each end of the loop and with two additional stations spaced out downriver and an extra one upriver you had access to fluids and food every kilometre or so.

From the start there was no chance of being bored with parts of the city bathed in coloured lights, pavement side diners, cyclists out for an evening ride and rock climbers scaling the Kangaroo Point cliffs as well as runners giving high fives as they passed. Then there was the two police on mountain bikes and the medic with large saddlebags on his bike with ambulance written across them who spent the entire night cruising the course to make sure everyone was okay.

My performance was not spectacular as after 3 loops I could feel the concrete starting to take its toll on legs and feet and with the 100k in 10days I decided to fast walk the remainder of the night and with a few minutes to spare clocked up 70km just before 7am. It was a useful exercise for me as I discovered some interesting food choices for future events and found I still enjoy running through the night.

Look out GC100.... Here we come!


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