Live a Weird Life, it will keep them guessing.

Live a Weird Life, it will keep them guessing.


I have lived an interesting life with all sorts of highs and lows, one day when I slow down a bit I may even write a book about it. Throughout my life, even from my early teens the thing that scared the hell out of me the most, was the expectation that we should all be 'normal'.

As a child I read about Robin Hood, not your average every day sort of guy, Huckleberry Finn a somewhat wayward youngster, and then I read a book called With Scott to Pole about a bunch of Englishmen who seemed to think it was important for them to reach the South Pole the southernmost point of this Planet first, why, just because it was there, only to find a Norwegian flag showing they had been beaten and then to perish on the return journey.

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”
–Maya Angelou


Then in 1950 as a small child the announcement over the radio that a New Zealander Ed Hillary and Sherpa Tensing had reached the top of Everest the highest point on earth. Would it not seem feasible that you would look around in your early teens and say is this all there is, and I would suspect that there are many teens out there today who are saying the same thing right now.

Out of all this came a period of time when not knowing what else to do I tried to do what the establishment expected, learned a trade, didn’t see a future there, moved to sales, marketing, and management in the corporate world and then for some funny reason I began running and my life started to have a direction, I had something other than normal to focus on because let’s face it have you ever gone up to a runner and said are you normal.

“Some times I pretend to be normal…but that gets boring so I go back to being me!”

The answer would probably be something like, well if I can crack 40 minutes for 10k this weekend I will be. Don’t you just love being a fitness nut, a runner, and not quite normal. Given that it’s a crazy world out there it’s nice to know that our tribe is a bit ahead of the rest and unless they start moving pretty quick they don’t stand a chance of catching up.

When I started running Marathons I was in a group of around 300 a big entry for that time, if they didn’t get ten times that today they would consider it unsuccessful, then when I moved on to ultra- running it wasn’t about numbers it was about finding something that was way out there. If 20 turn up that was brilliant because we didn’t care, you just got to hang out with 50 odd crew and runners for the day and that was enough, and you went home with some piece of paper that said you ran 100k which made you a bit different from normal.

So from what you have read so far you may think I am a bit weird but that is what I am all about, running because it’s for us, not to prove anything, just the challenge of moving beyond our personal comfort zone, becoming something more than normal and who knows hanging out with those weirdos that are our tribe.
If you ever feel alone out there make contact because I know at least 20 other weirdo’s out there who love running just as much as you do.

Because life should be an adventure!!

 Mojo Runners Moto

Signing off Weird,

Robert, Mojo Runners.
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